Why Zephan Luxury Soap?

At The Soap Lady of Cocoa we make Zephan Luxury Soap. We have met many people who stray from bar soap, for a variety of reasons: “I am allergic to bar soap,” “I have always used liquid body wash” etc.

Take a look at the ingredients of a store-brand bar of soap, and you can see that there can be an upwards of 15+ ingredients. Many of these ingredients aren’t completely necessary or even good to be applying to your skin. After taking a closer look at a brand-name bar of soap, specifically engineered toward sensitive skin, we discovered that numerous ingredients were of some form of concern. For example, the ingredient Butylated Hydroxytoluene, is “suspected of causing skin or sense organ toxicity.” Why is this ingredient necessary in your soap? It’s not.

In our family we have a child who had very sensitive skin, and had to be careful about what products she uses. We found it ridiculous that there are ingredients put into skin-care products that could cause severe dryness and skin rashes.

So organic is the way to go and that's why we created our own.

At Zephan Luxury Soap, we only put in ingredients that are good for your skin. Shea and cocoa butter, and coconut and olive oil. We care for your skin like we care for our own. NEVER EVER tested on animals!

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